Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life in a Day - 1

She looks for a place for herself,
Far enough to not be noticed, close enough to be part of the murmur around her
She quietly settles down, checks the time on her watch which she usually doesn't wear
15 min to go
People turn muse for her thoughts
Amongst juvenile conversations, random chit chats, start up dreams and engulfed readers her eyes are caught by tears
Tension, fear, abandonment, loss, frustration
It seemed like the end of a book whose pages are torn
In her reflection on the glass she glanced at herself and makes her hair fall on her right shoulder
She checks her phone but the words were dazed, her mind wandering over the unknown
She resists from touching her face, her discomfort is noticeable
5 min to go
Remembers the conversations and smiles to herself
Anticipation, excitement, hope
The woman across the table is heard saying "sorry"
She looks up and their eyes meet. The moment comforts her, she smiles and responds  "hi"

- just another day at a coffee shop across the road

1 comment:

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