Friday, September 6, 2013

An employee's guide to healthy living

Hi There! 

When you are in Mumbai, time just flies away. As Shri Salman Khan says “yeh bhaag daud bhari zindagi, thakna mana hai”, it is true that achievement comes with achieving a healthy lifestyle. It gives me a great pleasure to share with you my secret towards healthy living and spirituality. If you follow these steps regularly on weekday mornings you will see yourself transforming into a successful person you aspire to be.

1.      Wake Up Late
Immediate adrenaline rush in the body prepares you for the tasks ahead

2.      Skip Breakfast
Now now, do I really need to tell you the importance of dieting! 

3.      Forget to check geyser and door lock when you leave for work
By the time you remember you will be far from the house and you will need to push yourself to go back home. A great cardio as it increases your heart rate and also the stamina

4.      Run to Catch the Train
Running is great to achieve that perfect shape. Especially when you need to dodge 2 people every 1 second it is good for concentration and focus

5.      Take a Break (sip water. Prepare yourself for the arrival of the train)

6.      On your Mark, Get Set 

Strategically position yourself at a spot where there is a good chance of being pushed by the crowd that is alighting from the train and also the crowd that is preparing to get in. Here, due to laws of physics (ahem!) your body will try to defend itself which will use all the muscles of your body.  Body toning!

7.      Reach Out!
The chances of following above are that now you will find yourself in a position where your leg will be stretched out and caught between people. You need to push yourself ahead holding the handle bars with one hand. This will stretch your arms, oblique and calves. Repeat with the other leg.

8.      Meditate
Meditation increases concentration. But when we do it here our focus is to not focus on the pain that is our body experiences. You could think of all the pending tasks in office, food, reflect on your life as to what is making you bear this moment, In case all this fails, indulge yourself in a verbal abuse with a fellow stranger and in the process learn voice modulation techniques.

9.      Learn to lose control
When it is time to get down, do not force your body to go forward. Lose yourself and wait for push you out of the train as you relax and breathe deeply. If you are lucky and getting down at Dadar, chances are you will be pushed by the Act of God till the exit of the station while you finish your breathing exercises.

10.  Lower the intensity
As we near the end of the workout we walk fast towards the office. We don’t run because if we run we look like an idiot. So we walk fast, stretching leg muscles. As we look at the watch in every 1/4th of second do remember to ignore the cars honking and green signals in case you also wish to become a risk taker. 

11.  Be Happy!
So finally you reach office. But what use does external beauty have if you are not happy from within? So as soon as you take your seat fake a beautiful smile and when your boss arrives flash it on him/her “as if nothing happened”.  Remember to not fake a broad smile because you actually forgot to brush your teeth! 

12.  Spiritual Union
Practice these steps everyday to increase fatigue in body. It will help you in getting dissatisfied with work leading to loss of motivation. As a result you will lose your material gains and achieve a state of ‘moksha’. 

Hari Om!

Don’t forget to thank me when you start noticing the amazing results of this regime. J
(Disclaimer: Is kahani ke sabhi patra kalpanik nahi hai)


  1. Seems to be based on personal experience..
    looking forward to follow this regime :)

  2. You are a very promising writer.

  3. I do not usually like to read but, you are such an amazing writer that I read all your blogs in one sitting. Thank you for bringing joy in many people's lives with your writings. God bless you!!