Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Naukri.com Marketing Communication Mix

Naukri.com used its marketing communication strategically. Starting from Yellow Pages to Tweeting about jobs, naukri.com developed its communication mix and media mix in such a way that it created a brand which was unimaginable in a country like India.

In the start-up days naukri.com used low cost direct marketing to get enough clients listed and job seekers listed. The site was not ready for immense online traffic. Slowly and gradually after the business was developed they started advertising heavily.

Direct marketing helped naukri.com keep its existing clients updated and innovative mailing increased their database of clients. It was cost effective as well as compared to other mediums. Yet not that helpful in creating a brand that client would love to associate with.

Internet as a medium helped as the business is operated online. English speaking educated visited online websites and therefore it gave naukri.com the opportunity to reach directly to the users of the website. Being the first online recruitment portal in India, naukri.com was able to leverage the online traffic in India and converted visitors into registrations. Today online traffic visits naukri.com not just for jobs but also to see what is happening in the job scenario. Internet for its own weaknesses was also not that effective in building a brand for naukri. So taking up viral marketing and building on the theme of Hari Sadu, the viral video spread to all job seekers and they registered on the website. Today youth and employees have better access to internet, therefore making use of Twitter and Facebook is also beneficial for the company since the way communication takes place is ever changing.

While it was thought- why an online portal would advertise on TV, naukri.com changed the perception. It’s memorable campaign “Hari Sadu”, made people look up to this new job site. The campaign was rib tickling and gelled well with most. This helped naukri to gain mindspace of the audience and through this campaign Naukri.com built for itself an ever-lasting image of “best job portal.” With its new campaign naukri.com has again embarked on the opportunity of recovering economy. This also made clients associate themselves with a brand like naukri.com. Another reason being increase in CV registrations after advertising in TV and print.

For naukri.com, press too has been advantageous since it had not generated any negative PR . Its alliances with various newspapers helped it reach where naukri.com as a brand could not earlier. Without compromising on its own brand CV registrations increased with such alliances.

Personal Selling undoubtedly helped in creating naukri.com the brand that it is today. Its salesforce communicated with offices and clients across the country and demonstrated the advantages of the site which an advertisement or mail could not do. Thus, building relationships and maintaining constant touch it helped naukri.com improve the website as and when the need arose from HR personnels and clients.

The weaknesses of online, direct mails, etc. thus were covered by personal selling. And the problem of not being able to build a brand through these mediums was taken care of by TV and print mediums.

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  1. This is the ultimate self-esteem corrector Sarkari Naukri Thank you for your post; it is a very important distinction